Assisted Suicide Drug Cocktail

Assisted Suicide Drug Cocktail

The topic of assisted death is always a controversial one. Some people are for it while others are against it. Some countries have legalized it while others have illegalized it. However, as an online store, we believe in the right to choose the way to die and dying in a dignified way. Sometimes people go through excruciating pain. It can be after an accident or due to a chronic disease. We believe we should give such people a chance to choose how they should die.


What is assisted suicide?

It is a deliberate action you can take with the intention to kill to relieve someone of persistent pain or suffering.

Generally, treatments main goal is to relieve suffering and pain. This is also the motivation behind the assisted suicide. To end someone’s life mostly when he or she has a terminal illness that comes with excruciating pain. There have been hundreds of debated about the drugs we should use if euthanasia were legal. Which goes to the big question, which drugs can one use to ensure they achieve painless death?

You can create an assisted suicide drug cocktail using some legal medicines to take in powder form mixed with a soft drink such as soda. Even scientists are uncertain about what lethal concoction terminally ill people can use to achieve a quick death. The reason is most countries have banned most drugs that people use for euthanasia such as barbiturates.

However, instead of stressing about how to buy these drugs, most people go ahead to create a concoction using sleeping pills and other substances that are legal. Some of the legal drugs most people use to make these concoctions include prescription drugs for treating epilepsy and heart conditions, valium that addresses anxiety, and painkiller morphine. Mostly, the mixture is in powder form instead of the pill. Note that if you are making this lethal mixture; always store it away from your loved ones and kids. Someone might mix the powder with a sweet liquid like juice to take it. Additionally, you can make a pre-drug to prevent you from vomiting the concoction.

Which drug can you use for assisted suicide?

Mostly, people use barbiturates when they want to end their lives. They work by attacking your brain and your central nervous system. Medicinally, doctors use these drugs in small amounts to treat seizures or insomnia. In large doses, you can use barbiturates to end your life or to make a patient sleep during surgery. Note that a barbiturate overdose can be fatal. Large doses will effectively slow down the brain to a point it quits telling your body parts what to do. Eventually, respiratory organs will stop working, and your breathing will stop.

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Nembutal liquid or pills are the most popular barbiturate when it comes to committing suicide. Most physicians have used Nembutal with a combination of other drugs to help patients commit suicide. Nembutal is a tried and tested drug when it comes to mercy killing. People have used Nembutal for many years to kill themselves and the exact dose needed to execute both a weak and healthy person is common knowledge to anyone interested in issues relating to euthanasia. The efficacy and safety of barbiturates in inducing a fast, peaceful, and painless death has been proven around the globe. Barbiturates are the preferred medicines in Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, and other parts where euthanasia is legal. There are other options too, whether a concoction or alone. Note that some drugs that can cause respiratory distress, and extreme muscle relaxation are capable of ending life.

If you are making a euthanasia concoction, use drugs that cause heart attack, block paths from the brain and those that fatally lower blood sugar levels. Although these drugs are legally available, they are capable of killing you by causing harm to your vital organs.

Is it safe to make your assisted suicide drug cocktail?

As a barbiturates shop, we believe in taking no chances with committing suicide. Trust us you do not want to survive a suicide attempt. The drugs that people commonly used to make these concoctions can do some severe damage if you do not die. You could even lose your memory. The problem with this concoction is you are not sure of the combination that will form a lethal dose so you may end up surviving your suicide attempt. For this reason, we would advise you to explore other options.

What is the best way to end your life?

Using barbiturates is one of the standard and safest way to commit suicide. If you are tired of this life, we believe you have a right to end your life in a dignified manner. Barbiturates such as Nembutal can help you with that. Studies show it is a proven method of ending lives. All you need to do is take the correct lethal dosage of Nembutal, and you will peacefully achieve death.

Where can you buy the barbiturates?

We are the leading suppliers of Nembutal for assisted suicide and other barbiturates online. We have been in this business for an extended period now, and we understand all you need to achieve the peaceful death you desire. Our products are 100% pure, and the quality is top notch. Our team of experienced workers will also guide you in everything you need to know to make your suicide a success. Whether you are a first timer or a returning buyer, we treat you with the utmost respect and in a friendly way since we know we are in business because of you. Contact us today and learn more.

Final thoughts

You can end your life successfully using assisted suicide drug cocktail, but you will be taking a considerable risk. Instead of that, you can opt for a tested and proven method that is Nembutal from our shop. It is hard to predict whether a concoction will work or not.